Construction of your project under any of the following constructive schemes:

1. General Contract
2. Construction Management
3. Design-Construction





This is the constructive process used traditionally in Costa Rica. There are three parts involved in it: the Owner, the Design Team and the General Contractor. This process is linear, in other words the Owner hires a Design Team, which carries out all the tasks related to the Engineering and Architecture and invites several contractors to present quotes for the project through a bidding process. Our company functions as a General Contractor in this type of scheme.

The General Contract has the following characteristics:

• The construction team is lead by one only company, that of the General Contractor. The owner has one only contract, thus he does not undertake direct contracts with the specialized subcontractors, such as the subcontractor for the electrical systems, or the mechanical systems subcontractor, and these subcontractors undertake direct contracts and form alliances with the General Contractor.

• The general contractor is hired mainly based on the best economic offer in the bidding process.

• This process is characterized by construction bonds and results. The general Contractor is bound to carry out the project at a specific cost and with a specific deadline.

• It is a well tested and documented constructive process.


Constructive process through which the owner hires a company to be in charge of the administration of the constructive process. Our company works as a Constructive Process Manager under this mode.

The Construction Management scheme has the following characteristics:

• Systematic Approach. Within this process, one only company is involved in the project throughout all its stages: design, construction and implementation. This position enables the company to have access to all the variables in the process and the decision-making necessary to minimize the time and the cost of the project and at the same time maximize its quality. The systematic approach of the process consists of reaching the optimum solution to the problems analyzing all its factors and components.

• Contribution to the Design. The Manager of the Constructive Process contributes in the design of the project based on his experience as constructor. No optimum design will be reached if the following is not taken into consideration: costs, personnel availability, materials and subcontracts, as well as a review of the constructive systems proposed.

• Project Management. The company in charge of the design is chosen based on its design capabilities, the contractor is chosen based on his construction capabilities. With the Construction Management Process, the owner has a project manager working for him from the beginning of the process and up to its delivery and implementation.

• Elimination of adversary relations. It is a linear process, the designer elaborates the constructive plans for the project and a General Contract is selected through a bidding or quoting process. If a difference arises between the designer and the contractor, each one defends his work; the designer his plans and the Contractor the amount budgeted. The relation between the two is adverse ever since the beginning of the process. Within the Management Process we emphasize on teamwork, thus the objective is to have all the parts working with each other and not against each other.



This is the constructive process through which the owner hires a company to carry out the design and the construction of his project. Our company offers this service by association with well-known companies nationwide for the design, always maintaining the quality, cost and deadline for the project as part of our responsibility.

This contracting form has the following advantages for the Owner:

• Responsibility. The company contracted to carry out the Design-Construction, as sole responsible, works with the owner and its team in the design and construction of the project, enabling the company to focus on the project’s development. The company and the owner are able to develop a clear understanding of the needs, expectations and scopes of the project, and maintain a good communication and coordination.

• Cost/Benefit. Satisfy the needs of the client, providing the highest cost/benefit ratio possible is the main objective in each construction project. An accurate determination of each requirement by part of a team involving the client, the designers and the constructors, from the beginning of the designs up to the end of the construction, guarantees a project that reflects the owner’s decisions.

• Sticking to the budget. The Design/Construction synchronizes the designs with the construction to reach the goals within a given budget. Carrying out value engineering, the team shares ideas regarding the construction materials and constructive methods to attain an optimum project. The Design/Construction avoids different cost interpretations created in the bidding process, whenever various contractors compete for a price, thus attaining the highest cost/benefit for the project.

• Early Knowledge of the Costs. Due to the immediate incorporation of the constructors, the Design/Construction facilitates a precise determination of the project costs, enabling the owner to make economic decisions in the short term.

• Reduction of delivery deadlines. It is obvious that going from the design-bid-construction scheme to the Design/Construction scheme saves all the time involved in the intermediate stage, but also the integration of the team allows a more agile processing of the construction permits, considering this stage starts at the same time as the designs. The constructive plans, their budgeting and the beginning of the construction may overlap attaining a lower total project time.

• Reduction of the risk. The Design/Construction company is responsible for the cost, the deadline and the quality; which provide the client with more certainty regarding the success of the project. In the mode design-bid-construction, if the consultant and the constructor disagree regarding their responsibility for a part of the project, the owner has no control over how the parts solve these differences.


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